Britain's revival and the restoration of the ancient paths

This is an 11 minute long prophecy to follow on from the previous two prophesies by Chris Wickland.

Last autumn Chris brought a prophesy of warning and blessing for Great Britain based around Brexit. This was followed early this year with a message of hope for Great Britain in light of Brexit and revival.

This third prophesy is encouraging and deals with God's plan for the restoration of the nation, bringing new blessings and re-establishing things things that have been lost.

This word was brought by Chris Wickland of the Living Word Church Network UK at Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire.

This word is recommended by Pete Light. Pete knows Chris personally and vouches for his integrity and that he reliably brings the prophetic word of God.

If you are worried or concerned in any way by the content of this message please see Pete Light or David Walker at church.

To hear the message click here.