Sunday Morning and Livestream

A Sunday morning service at 10:30am lasting around 60 minutes at the church building. There will be around half an hour of singing with opportunity for church members to pray or read a passage from the bible. After the notices there will be a preach from one of the leaders at the Church with a chance to respond at the end of the service. 

LIMITLESS is the Elim brand name for all of our children's and youth work at our church. This is available for up to year 6, in the minor hall during the morning message.

Refreshments are served after the meeting.

Watch the live stream of the Sunday morning service. The Live Stream starts promptly at 10:30am and it is not possible to rewind while the broadcast is live so we suggest that you join a few minutes early. Once the live stream ends then it is available to watch any time on our YouTube channel. Click on the appropriate picture below for the link to the last weeks or this coming Sundays livestream:

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Click on the picture below for the link to the YouTube channel to see all previous livestreams:

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